Attending AIED 2020 Virtual Conference

The 21st International Conference of Artificial Intelligence in Education is taking place July 6-10 in Cyberspace. The AIED 2020 conference theme will be “Augmented Intelligence to Empower Education”. I had one accepted short paper in the conference, titled “Exploring the Role of Perspective Taking in Educational Child-Robot Interaction“. The paper is being presented as a…
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IDC Work-in-Progress Video Presentation

Video Presentation based on the paper, “Can you Guide Me? Supporting Children’s Spatial Perspective Taking Through Games with Robots”

Attending IDC 2020 Virtual Conference

The ACM Interaction Design and Children (IDC) conference 2020 took place between June 17-24. This year the theme of the conference was “Designing for the Future”. I had one accepted Work in Progress paper in the conference, titled “Can You Guide Me? Supporting Children’s Spatial Perspective Taking Through Games with Robot“. Few moments from the conference…
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Video Presentation for HRI Pioneers

Based on the paper, “Changing Perspective as a Learning Mechanism”

New Publication Available by ACM

My new paper in HRI Pioneers is available through ACM website using the following link. The paper was written in collaboration with my two supervisors; professor Ana Paiva and Pierre Dillenbourg and it gives an abstract summary of the work I have been developing during my doctoral study. In short the paper is about developing…
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Invitated to attend the ‘Future is Now,’ Forum by Norman Foster Foundation

The ‘Future is Now,’ forum is the second edition of this series by Norman Foster Foundation, which will be held at the Teatro Real in Madrid on 18th June. Previously, I was selected as one of the 10 scholars to attend Norman Foster Foundation Robotic Atelier in Madrid in November 2018.

Student Volunteer at HRI Conference 2020 in Cambridge

I am going to attend the 15th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction as a Student Volunteer (SV). “Being an SV is a great way to participate in one of the leading conferences in the HRI research community, expand your knowledge, and network with many fellow students.”Looking forward to this opportunity.

Attending HRI Pioneers Workshop 2020

I have been accepted to the 15th annual Human-Robot Interaction Pioneers Workshop. This workshop will be held in cambridge, UK on Monday, March 23, 2020. I will be presenting my paper titled “Changing Perspective as a Learning Mechanism”, which includes oral and poster presentation.