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Do Children Adapt Their Perspective to a Robot When They Fail to Complete a Task?
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Motivating Children to Practice Perspective-Taking Through Playing Games with Cozmo.
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Smiling in the Face and Voice of Avatars and Robots: Evidence for a ‘smiling McGurk Effect’.
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10 Years of Human-NAO Interaction Research: A Scoping Review.
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Children, Robots, and Virtual Agents: Present and Future Challenges.
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Exploring the role of perspective taking in educational child-robot interaction.
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Can you guide me? supporting children’s spatial perspective taking through games with robots.
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Iterative design and evaluation of a tangible robot-assisted handwriting activity for special education.
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Changing Perspective as A Learning Mechanism.
Yadollahi, E.
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When deictic gestures in a robot can harm child-robot collaboration.
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Bringing letters to life: handwriting with haptic-enabled tangible robots.
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Acoustic Characterization of Leaks in a Pipeline
Yadollahi, E
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2016 In INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings. Institute of Noise Control Engineering, 1077-1083